About Our Principal

I'm Alfred Joseph Camilleri. My accounting studies were completed from RMIT in 1972.


After completing tertiary studies I was granted immediate membership to the Australian Society of Accountants with designation AASA: in 1976 I was granted the ASA Public Practice Certificate, eventually converted to a Public Practice Certificate with CPA.However in 2000, contemplating retirement, I resigned from CPA and eventually I accepted membership with NTAA with the designation of fellow (FNTAA).

In 1985, I re-established contact with an old school friend Jeffrey Degen who was also a public accountant. I acquired an office in his building servicing his and my clients and the relationship continued until he went into semi retirement; more recently we are considering a proposition from Mr.Degen for a professional merger of our respective practices.

In 1992,I was invited to join the Board of Management of the Christian Brothers College,St.kilda - and became president & chairman of the board for the ensuing five years. The relationship I maintained and sustained until the year 2000, I resigned only due to the advent of GST, the Principal Br Roger Cripps and I maintained a strong and amicable friendship. During my Board tenure I was invited and voted into the role of Chairman and President of the school, a position I held for 5 years.

After a successful and amicable professional association with The Firm Stanton Partners I made the decision to open my own office in Ormond Rd, Elwood, where I have been for the past 25 years(approx), Our practice, continues to grow; currently the firm consists of 3 senior accountants, one principal, and one support/bookeeping assistant with occasional part time professional assistance as required. In the past few months we have added, to our range of sevices, a legal department and an IT support department. To assist our clicents.
We specialize in small or large business accounting and tax, superannuation funds, investor clients, professional tax returns for barristers, lawyers, dentists and various medical personnel as well as tax for various trades.

The legal department is on the premises, headed by the very capable Mr Gary March, an experienced solicitor who provides a wide range of legal services.

Our IT department ensures continued uninterrupted work flow in our offfice and is also available to assist clients' IT needs.

Our network also consists of a comprehensive incorporation service eg companies, trusts etc.

The staff and I work as a close family unit and share one unequivocal characteristic,viz. we maintain strong work, moral and spiritual ethics.Our work, without exception, is prepared according to specific guidelines and formulas; no shortcuts are taken which could disadvantage any of our clients or diminish our integrity, with the major consideration being the legally correct and best outcome possible. To this day we maintain an impeccable record with the ATO.